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Functions and details

Lightweight and comfortable: With the minitaure design, these shin guards are lightweight and comfortable, so you won't feel heavy or restricted during play. There is no need for bulky shin guards anymore. This is perfect for players who don't like wearing shin guards.

Professional level performance: The miniature shin guards have been used at a professional level, so you can trust them to provide top quality protection and performance. Professional players have used mini shin guards in their matches in the main league, La Liga and other leagues.

NEXT2 MINI SHIN GUARDS are perfect for players who want a minimalistic approach: Our mini shin guards provide the perfect balance between comfort and protection. These shin guards are optimized for speed and a lightweight feel.

Ideal for experienced players: These shin guards are designed for experienced players who are confident in their ability to prevent injuries and want a more non-bulky, discreet option.

Unstructured touch: Never let bulky pads interfere with your touch again. Our innovative design ensures that your movements will remain effortless, allowing you to play at your best.

Feel lighter on the field: Embrace agility like never before. The lightweight design of our pads makes you feel fast and agile on the field, giving you the competitive advantage. They are a great companion for grabbing soccer socks and sleeves.

Disclaimer: These are not regular size shin guards. They are designed for speed and not protection. Use only if you understand the risks. Add it to the cart now
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